We take great pride in the messages we receive about our company and the delivery of care which has been provided by supporting individuals within the community.
Below is just a few of compliments about our company and how our staff go above and beyond

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My Mum had a couple of falls last year and ended up in Community Hospital, and we needed to put a care package in place for her to return home safely. Gemini Care came very highly recommended by several people I know including Mum's GP . Penny and her team were so thorough in filling out all the information about Mum in order to put a care package in place, and always provided my parents with a rota so they knew who was attending and when. All of the Gemini carers were polite, professional, punctual and absolutely genuinely cared about the physical and emotional welfare of both my parents; recognising it is sometimes even more difficult for the main carer having to admit they are struggling.

My mum was diagnosed with dementia a few weeks later and could have some 'difficult' moments, but the Gemini carers afforded her the dignity and sensitivity to manage her condition and give her the optimum care she deserved but didn't always want. Earlier this year we had to make the difficult decision that Mum would be better cared for in a Residential Care Home, and Penny gave tremendous support and advice to my Dad and myself. Her advice and recommendations were so valued as, in these times of Covid-19, we were unable to view the home in person, but I absolutely trusted Penny's judgement and I am very grateful, as Mum has settled there now and is very happy. I am confident that should the day come when Dad wants some support at home, I would undoubtedly engage Gemini again. They are a remarkable team of amazing professional and experienced carers. Thank you Gemini for the peace of mind you have brought to our family.

Adele Francis, Relative

It is now almost twelve months since I enjoyed being a member of the happy group, who feel the relaxation and security of being cared for by Gemini Care Ellesmere Ltd. Although, at present, I receive a three day a week visit, it is sufficient for me to know that they are only a short trip away and would contact me, out of their normal visiting hours, should I require assistance.
All the staff take the responsibility of ensuring that I feel sufficiently supported and cared for. If extra assistance were required, I would only need to ask for an extension to their normal visit. What more could I ask for than to be aware of this and the feeling of support and security is a comfort at all times.

Mary Goodwin

My sister engaged in Gemini care for our parents after a short but unsuccessful period with another care organisation. We quickly came to realise that Gemini care are a highly professional and caring organisation. They have provided full care for both our father and mother for over two years now. They take a genuine interest in both my parents and treat them with the full dignity that every vulnerable person deserves but often, at this time of such peoples lives, do not get. At the same time Gemini show their caring side by constantly talking to our parents in a genuine way showing a full understanding of their characters and needs as well as ensuring that a sense f humour is maintained in s very difficult circumstances. Of fundamental importance is that it was clear from an early stage that they got to know our parents extremely well. In part, that means that they can quickly asses their needs. They take a very responsible approach to calling for medical and other attention that my parents need from time to time.
They do a significant amount more than that which they are contracted to do. Without complaint, they do clothes washing for our parents, make trips to the chemist for their prescriptions and bring groceries etc which are needed over and above a weekly shop.
The reality is that without Gemini care our parents would have undoubtedly had to move out of their own home and into a care home. As it is, while neither my sister nor I live nearby, we are both completely reassured that our parents are being superbly cared for, are in very safe hands when it comes to medical and other needs that are required from time to time and that both our parents look forward to seeing the carers each of the four times a day they visit. We can not praise Gemini more highly and would whole heartedly recommend them to anyone looking for carers for ageing, ailing parents.

David Hewitt

Gemini currently cares for my mother in law 4 times a day . They also provide a sitting service to allow my father in law some respite time . The Gemini team are not only professional they are caring compassionate and go above and beyond their duty to support my in laws .Ellesmere and surrounding villages are very fortunate to have such an amazing care team in the community . Thanks Gemini for all your hard work and support .

Nichola Ward, Relative

Gemini Care took up the care of my elderly Aunty earlier this year when it became clear that my Aunty required help throughout the day to ensure she could continue to lead as normal a life, in her own home, as possible. This week, after many loving and sensitive chats between Penny and the family, my Aunty has taken the next step in her life and has moved into a residential care home. As a family, we could not be more glowing about Penny and her team, all of whom treated my Aunty with the love and care that she has required during some very exacting times. As a result, my Aunty and ourselves, class Penny as a 'friend' and a person who has made matters so much easier in recent months. There can be no greater testimony that that. We cannot thank you all enough and look forward to continuing that friendship and wishing you all the very best for the future.

Graham Clutton, Relative

Gemini Care have been consistently excellent in the care they have provided for my mum. They give the utmost attention to detail, getting to know mum, caring for her in a positive and pro-active way, always encouraging her to do things for herself, wherever possible and just being there for her, whatever the day brings. I cannot fault them about anything. As a family, we could not have got through the last year without them. They have become part of the family, in many ways and we cannot thank them enough for their overall attentiveness to the smaller and the bigger picture, their expertise, knowledge and professionalism.

Beth Hewitt, Relative

Gemini Care is an Ellesmere based care company. It is owned and run by a well known local lady Penny Emberton with a reputation for first class home care. Both office staff and carers are both very friendly and helpful while doing a professional job of looking after my wife, thus enabling me to keep her at home and well cared for.

John Ward, Relative

"Penny and her team at "Gemini" have been providing care for Mum for over a year, and we are more than happy with the professionalism and attention to detail that they provide. Mum looks forward to the care call, and more than looking after her needs they have become her friends. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Clients Daughter, Anonymous

Gemini care has come to our home for many years now, to care for my husband .The girls are very attentive,kind and are good timekeepers. They are always helpful,caring,clean,tidy and happy in their work. Equipment is always checked prior to use to keep hubby safe. They go above and beyond their duties to make sure we are both ok before they leave.
As my husband and I love dogs and donkeys, Gemini care arranged for a real donkey to come to our home last Christmas . It was such a wonderful surprise and I will never forget the smiles on hubbies face and the special evening with our carers , children, and the Christmas carols . Our angels (Gemini care ) are always there with a friendly arm and smiling faces when we have a bad day. Thank you so much, girls .

Sheila Deakin, Relative